Financial Advisory

Even while struggling with unprecedented financial constraints during a long and deep recession, government leaders recognize the necessity of maintaining vital city services.  They must provide for police and fire protection, safe and reliable transportation and critical infrastructure maintenance—and find a way to pay for it.  For the foreseeable future, that’s a tall order.

DSI Civic can help.  With more than three decades of successfully providing financial advisory and debt management services to mid-size and large entities in troubled economies, we help managers gain control of costs, maximize revenues and identify the “drivers” of their troubles.  DSI Civic focuses on the drivers of problems, separating underperforming areas from core strengths, while our clients do what they do best—run the government—and together we provide a clear path to results.

DSI Civic professionals have worked with and for more than 60 state and local governments on publically sensitive matters.

As financial advisors, DSI Civic provides:

Comprehensive Debt Management:        Structuring and restructuring debt, preparing bond rating and sales presentations, maximizing credit quality, securing best pricing and managing efficient execution of transactions.  DSI Civic supports both competitive and negotiated debt transactions.

Public Private Partnerships: Identifying opportunities by assisting in asset valuation, maximizing competition and choices, establishing oversight metrics and enforcement and, most importantly, protecting government and taxpayer interests through skilled negotiations.

Strategy: Identifying and pricing realistic options, creating multi-year outlooks with ranges of impact on taxpayers, conducting cost-benefit analyses, providing research support and creating strategies for rating agencies, investors or lenders in communication and presentations.

Communication: Developing and helping to execute a strong and regular communication plan to build support for necessary, but sometimes controversial, finance policies and strategies.  DSI Civic ensures that changes to be made are realistic in a government environment and that the expected results are properly communicated to managers, employees, lenders, investors, the media and taxpayers.