Restructuring Public Debt

Before entering the market to implement an efficient debt restructuring, DSI Civic helps clients:(1) stabilize over- leveraged debt situations, (2) avoid crisis by having an action plan to close budget gaps and (3) restore the confidence of taxpayers, management, employees and lenders by putting in place a strong communications plan. Most importantly, we facilitate sustainable change that can be realistically executed, and ensure the change is properly communicated to employees, lenders, the media and taxpayers.

Our team members throughout the Unites States have extensive experience in restructuring and re-funding many types of debt–whether backed by tax revenues, user charges, fees, assets or other security, as well as combinations of each of those. We also have long experience in risk assessment, creditor negotiations, court presentations and bidding procedures.

DSI Civic is nationally recognized for implementing successful debt restructuring strategies.

DSI Civic professionals have prepared many bond rating presentations, and both defended and secured ratings. Our team members have successfully protected and increased bond ratings in some of the most complex and difficult circumstances.  Once ratings are secured, we have made extensive presentations to prospective investors and lenders.

DSI Civic professionals have successfully managed hundreds of turnarounds during the last thirty-five years.  These successes generally involve restructuring debt to affordable levels and working with virtually every major national and regional financial institution, investment bank, private equity fund and law firm.  We work with managers to develop and value sufficient collateral, security and other guarantees to maximize the attractiveness of the market offering.  We also negotiate with financial institutions, investors and other financial parties on behalf of our clients.  DSI Civic works collaboratively with government officials every step of the way.