Restructuring Government Operations

DSI Civic helps governments streamline and rationalize their bureaucracies.

With every governmental unit, through every process, we help redesign workflows to eliminate redundancies, delays and complications. We look for ways to improve performance while shedding red tape. In addition to saving money, such efforts allow employees to recognize their connection to the organization as a whole and improve their performance.

By bringing a fresh perspective, DSI Civic examines functions for obsolescence, often demonstrating why governments no longer need to carry out some missions. We also identify new and better ways to carry out the missions that remain worthy.

The result is a leaner, more innovative approach to service delivery, one that is not only more efficient and cost-effective but is often a morale booster. Empowered employees with clear responsibilities are better motivated to achieve success.

The result is a leaner, more innovative approach to service delivery, one that is not only more efficient and cost effective but often a morale booster.

DSI Civic also helps governments effectively deploy information management technology to reduce paperwork, eliminate manual functions and arm managers with timely and relevant information. Strong management and management information systems not only allow for greater efficiencies, they also prevent many costly financial mistakes.

DSI Civic offers its clients experienced, hands-on practitioners with proven track records. DSI Civic partners, for example, played leading roles in reorganizing a troubled local government in the Midwest which ran chronic deficits and bumped up against a state-imposed debt ceiling. An antiquated cost structure left little room for infrastructure maintenance or quality services. A centralized management thwarted innovation.

The ensuing turnaround relied on workflow changes and modern management information systems to streamline the bureaucracy. Employees assumed more diverse and complex duties. By negotiating public-private partnerships to handle non-core services, we helped reduce costs and generate new revenue. More accurate budget-to-actual spending analysis reduced the need for short-term borrowing, and Wall Street increased its bond rating. By embracing change, the government righted its fiscal ship and won plaudits for improved service.

In contrast, bankrupt cities such as Vallejo, California, and nations such as Greece have demonstrated the final, irrevocable consequences of failing to change in the face of unsustainable spending. Other governments, while avoiding insolvency, are increasingly paralyzed by their fiscal straits.

As taxpayers increasingly demand more value at less cost, elected officials have a clear mandate for reform and renewal. DSI Civic has the experience and tools to help officials meet that mandate.